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The OrthoSongbad’s prime objective is dissemination of fair and objective news and information. It makes its best efforts to keep its readers informed about the ongoing social, economic, financial and political developments daily in its Portal, and also round-the-clock through its online version. It gives extensive coverage of economic and business developments taking place at home and abroad, in its both print and online editions.

The OrthoSongbad puts particular emphasis on publication of in-depth analyses, views and opinions on major domestic, regional and global trade, business and other related issues.

The OrthoSongbad attaches importance to the broad principles of a competitive market-oriented economy; it remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting its goals and objectives in an environment in which the public policies should be geared to playing a facilitatory role under a transparent rule-based system and also to fostering inclusive growth and participatory socio-economic and political development in countries like Bangladesh.

Besides, the newspaper is focussed on promoting economic and financial literacy in the country through its reader-friendly presentation of news and views.

The OrthoSongbad is committed to serving the interest of its readers and people in general. While upholding professional and ethical values of journalism, the OrthoSongbad takes into account the prevailing laws of the country that are applicable to publications of the newspapers. It respects human rights and dignity of all citizens and takes particular care about not maligning anyone, no matter what his or her social standing is. The copyright that the newspaper establishment, The Financial Express, enjoys with regard to all that is printed in the daily and posted on its website, are its legal rights. All those who read the daily or visit or view its website, are under legal obligation to respect, and not to infringe upon, those rights of the OrthoSongbad.


OrthoSongbad aims to provide the most updated news to its readers within the shortest possible time. In this journey to provide news quickly, OrthoSongbad always tries to be accurate, objective and unbiased.

Following the basic fundamental principles of the Bangladesh constitution, OrthoSongbad aims to strengthen public opinion in favor of the liberation war.

OrthoSongbad is committed to the fundamental values of the country, especially, national sovereignty, democracy and secularism. In addition, OrthoSongbad will speak for the human and civil rights of the citizen of the country.

Ethics Policy

OrthoSongbad is committed to the highest ethical standards. Fairness, accuracy and objectivity are among our core values to maintain our integrity. We believe that the trustworthiness of the public is our most important asset. We are transparent to our readers as well.

OrthoSongbad takes a non-partisan position in political issues as no political parties can influence us. Besides, it remains neutral in conflicts between justice and injustice or right and wrong.

Whatever the consequence is, OrthoSongbad never compromises on issues like national interests, human rights, rule of law, gender issues and freedom of the press.

Fact-Checking Policy

Fact-checking is considered as one of the most important elements of journalism. OrthoSongbad cross-checks the information several times before publishing it to its website. We have correspondents in all the 64 districts of the country. These huge numbers of correspondents across the country helped OrthoSongbad to cover different news and to take statements from both of the concerned sides of any incident while making any news. Besides, our correspondents cross-check the information provided by the witnesses, locals and administration.

Corrections Policy

OrthoSongbad always tries to provide accurate information to its audience. However, mistakes can happen in journalism despite following proper procedures. In these circumstances, OrthoSongbad does not hesitate to acknowledge the error.

After checking the facts correctly, the target of OrthoSongbad is to tell its readers, as quickly as possible, what was wrong and what is correct. We tried to make the thing very clear to all of our audience as anyone would be able to understand how and why that mistake has been corrected.

In times of major correction, OrthoSongbad provides a ‘rejoinder’ at its website, and we clearly indicate the change.


The Editor leads all the departments including news, reporting and editorial units of OrthoSongbad. The Editor, however, is assisted by chief reporter and news editor.

There are designated ‘In-charges’ of every department to run the workflow of their respective teams. The chief reporter leads the reporting team while the news editor is responsible for the central desk of OrthoSongbad. All other departments including digital, technology and web, sports, entertainment, international, English, country and feature are headed by the In-charges of the respective departments. All the department heads are assisted by the senior sub-editors.

The research and development department are responsible for writing editorials, opinions and columns in line with the instruction of the Editor of OrthoSongbad. In addition, they also collect editorials from other renowned writers.

The Admin and Human Resources department is responsible for supervising the whole management including the accounts, production, store and establishment units. The Accounts department are concerned for the finance and accounts sections of OrthoSongbad.

Publisher: Manna Shome

Editor: Haider Ahmed Khan FCA

Acting Editor: Sharif Nizam

Managing Editor: Shahin Alamgir

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